Perception Changing

A small, hand-published collection of perception changing works. Based in Ojai, California.

Iconic Authors, Independent Insights

  • Robert Wolfe

    Modern Classics of Nonduality

    Karina Library Press is the publisher of Robert Wolfe who writes about nondual awareness.

    See his titles at

    One Essence
  • My Image

    Non-comformist Non-fiction

    Historical insights, memoirs of import.

    My Image
  • Krishnamurti - Terence Stamp

    Audiobooks, Video, Web

    Audiobook and audio titles also, including The Self, selected readings from Krishnamurti’s Commentaries on Living, read by Terence Stamp.

    My Image

    Guiding Authors, & Publishers

    A guide in the book publishing jungle. Helping relevant books be relevant, and authors find their own ways of interacting with their readers and potential readers.

Karina Library Press
PO Box 35
Ojai, CA 93024

(805) 500-4535

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